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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017

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Part One

Maria: Dominica
It's been cut off from the world for two days, but we'll finally reach someone on the island of Dominica, which was hit by the full force of Hurricane Maria — and things could hardly be worse. 

Baseball injury
After a powerfully-hit foul ball hits a young girl in the face during a baseball game at Yankee Stadium, a city councillor steps up his push for more protective netting. 

Lottery island
In a tiny Irish community, someone's won the equivalent of more than seven hundred thousand dollars in the lottery — but so far, no one on Bere Island knows who it is. 

Part Two

Mexico school
As a search-and-rescue operation continues at a collapsed school in Mexico City, we'll speak with a volunteer who is removing debris, and holding out hope. 

Ryanair pilots
The low-cost airline Ryanair is in crisis after cancelling hundreds of flights, claiming it "messed up" scheduling pilots' vacations — but one former pilot says that explanation flies in the face of the truth. 

Part Three

Sri Lanka baby farms
The story was that thousands of Sri Lankan babies were sold to European families through facilities called "baby farms". But everyone was told it was just  a story. It's not. And tonight, a documentary maker tells us how he got Sri Lankan officials to admit the truth.

Frog mating calls
Nobody's picking up their attempts to pick up. New science reveals some Brazilian frogs keep yelling out the equivalent of "I lost my phone number, can I have yours?" to prospective mates — despite the fact that those frogs can't even hear each other's mating calls.