As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017

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Part One

Mike Duffy lawyer
Mike Duffy makes himself the senator of attention once again — suing the Senate and the federal government for damages he says he suffered at the hands of the RCMP, and operatives of the former PM. 

"Fit and slim" orchestra
A Toronto orchestra tells its members that performers should be "physically fit and slim", but instead of apologizing after a backlash, it announces its chances of continuing aren't slim — they're none. 

Lottery store owner 
A convenience store owner is told he sold the 750-million-dollar Powerball ticket — then experiences an abrupt, sickening reversal of fortune when he's told that, actually, he didn't. 

Part Two

"Kiss my ass" Attorney General
Forty-one years ago, Alabama's Attorney General told the KKK to kiss his rear end — and now, an open letter is calling for the American people to follow Bill Baxley's example, and dismiss white supremacy. 

Kim Wall journalist
Journalist Susanne Johansson remembers her 2016 interview with Peter Madsen — an inventor and submarine builder who's now charged in the death of Swedish freelancer Kim Wall.