As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, June 22, 2017

episode transcript

Part One

Sears restructure
When Sears Canada announces store closures, serious layoffs, and "restructuring", the former CEO says the retailer's failure could have been avoided — but now, it can't. 

House of Commons languages
NDP MP Romeo Saganash says it's his right to ask questions in the House of Commons in the Cree language — and even though no translation system is in place, he went ahead and did it anyway. 

Part Two

Funeral song
An 80-year-old Newfoundland woman contacts a band she loves, with an unusual request: to change a song so it's more suitable for her eventual funeral. 

Bee house
Personally, we'd rather deal with some mice, or a poltergeist — but our guest is surprisingly cool about having to remove a colony of 100,000 bees from an Ontario home. 

Part Three

Exploding whipped cream death
A fitness blogger dies when a whipped cream canister blows up — and one French consumer watchdog says it's been warning about the dangers of those devices for years. 

Canoe trip
Everything old is canoe again. Well, the canoe was an old design that was built in Hawaii centuries ago. And now, a refurbished version of that boat has just returned from circumnavigating the globe.