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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, April 6, 2017

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Part One

Arctic oil spill readiness
A warmer Arctic means an increase in tanker traffic, and an increased chance of an accident leading to an oil spill — and a new report suggests remote areas are not remotely prepared for that. 

Innisfil Uber
After all the controversy, you may be over Uber — but a small town north of Toronto is partnering with the company to provide its citizens a kind of alternative public transit. 

Man struck by deer 
A BC man has a hard time getting anyone to believe that a deer ran into him, partly because it happened on April Fool's Day — but now that a security-cam video has been released, it behooves you to see him be hooved. 

Part Two

Hawaii housing prescription
Hawaii State senator and MD Josh Green is pushing a new law that would classify homelessness as a medical condition — and allow doctors to prescribe shelter.

Spaghetti on pizza
New Zealand's prime minister stuns the world by pouring canned spaghetti on pizza, adding pineapple, and then sharing the whole debacle, on purpose, through a selfie on social media. 

Part Three

Failure museum
Thomas Edison's light bulb. Alexander Graham Bell's first telephone. None of these triumphs, or any others, are on display at a new Swedish museum. Because, as our guest explains, the museum is successfully dedicated to one thing: failure. 

Brain-controlled arm
After a bicycle accident, U.S. Navy veteran Bill Kochevar was paralyzed and couldn't moved his arms for almost a decade. But now, with the help of experimental implants, he can use his brain to control his arm.