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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Part One

Budget: Blackstock
The Liberal's new budget earmarked billions more dollars for Indigenous health, education, and infrastructure — but Cindy Blackstock says they've left out Indigenous children and youth. 

Andrew Potter resigns
Andrew Potter resigns his directorial position at McGill, after publishing a column that created a furor in Quebec — and our guest says the school should have stood behind him, instead of turning its back on him. 

"Grabher" licence plate
Nova Scotia's is taking away a local man's vanity license plate. They say it's offensive. But to him, it's just a name.

Part Two

Ukraine assassination
Today, a former Russian lawmaker and critic of Vladimir Putin was gunned down in Kiev — and the man he was scheduled to see is pointing the finger at Moscow. 

Child climbs into toy machine
Jamie Murphy had a disadvantage with the claw machine full of stuffed toys: he's three. But to his father's surprise, Jamie used that disadvantage to his advantage — and just climbed right inside. 

Part Three

Destiny gamer
Mike Marianas spent hundreds of hours playing the video game "Destiny." And when his online friends learned that he was dying of colon cancer, they got together to help him reach an elusive goal. 

Cancer drug
Newfoundland and Labrador's provincial drug plan crackdown on prescriptions of a drug related to chemotherapy  has some — like former cancer patient Dr. Nikhil Joshi — saying it sends a heartless message.