As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, March 9, 2017

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Part One

Liberal riding: DeSousa
Liberals in a Montreal riding reject the candidate the party wanted, and nominate a virtual unknown instead — and the local mayor, who was shut out of the race, says resentment fueled the rebellion.

Iceland equal pay
Iceland is set to become the first and only country in the world to require companies to prove they're providing their employees equal pay for equal work.

Lip branch skier
After a dramatic accident, a Wyoming ski instructor wound up with a tree branch stuck through that lip, and out of his mouth. 

Part Two

Brian Pallister on border
Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister wants Ottawa to take action to stem the flow of refugees entering illegally from the United States — but he won't say what action. 

Fanny Mendelssohn discovery
Funny thing: the "F. Mendelssohn" who fashioned the fantastic "Easter Sonata" was not the famous Felix, but his frequently forgotten sister, Fanny. 

Part Three

Lisa Raitt
Conservative leadership contender Lisa Raitt has publicly suggested most of her many opponents in the race may as well show themselves the door. But she herself appears to be locked out of contention. 

Whale exhibit
Scientists from the Royal Ontario Museum found the process of reducing a dead blue whale to its skeleton both painstaking and putrid.