As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, February 16, 2017

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Part One

Moses Beaver obit
Johnny Yellowhead, Chief of Nibanamik First Nation, responds to the death of a celebrated Indigenous artist in the Thunder Bay Jail — and of the artist's sister, killed in a car accident on her way to retrieve her brother's body. 

Ukraine attack
British photographer Christopher Nunn speaks with Helen from a hospital in Ukraine, where he's being treated after the house he was in was hit by an artillery shell.

Cash in TV
Employees of an recycling place in Ontario are surprised to find that someone dropped off an old television — with more than a hundred thousand bucks in cash inside. 

Part Two

Undocumented immigrant
Daniel Ramirez Medina was a so-called "DREAMer", protected from deportation — but he and hundreds of other undocumented immigrants are abruptly learning that doesn't matter under the new U.S. President. 

Monopoly thimble
The company that makes "Monopoly" announces it's discontinuing the piece most likely to be used by someone who would put three hotels on Baltic Avenue: the thimble. 

Part Three

Philosopher Charles Taylor on religious accommodation
Montreal philosopher Charles Taylor once recommended a ban on religious garb for judges, police, and prison guards in Quebec. Tonight, he'll explain why he's had a change of heart. 

"Stormy" the Donkey prison mascot obit
Stormy the donkey — who has died at the age of 40 — became the famous mascot of protesters asking the government to re-open rehabilitative prison farms.