As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, February 9, 2017

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Part One

Phoenix deportation
Yesterday, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos went for a routine immigration check in Phoenix, Arizona — and today, her family's still there, but she's been deported to Mexico. 

Border rights explainer
Canadians are being turned away and visitors may be ordered to hand over their phones and passwords — so we ask a lawyer to explain what rights we really have when entering the United States. 

Valentine's dance cancelled
Organizers of a dance in an Oklahoma town are forced to bring the event to a standstill — because of a local ordinance that says no one can dance too close to a church. 

Part Two

Dam collapse rescue
An Australian man was trapped for hours with just his nose barely above the water, after his excavator rolled and trapped him in a waterhole. 

Dog food recall
A brand of American canned dog food is recalled after a pug dies — and a euthanasia drug is found both in the can and in the dog's stomach. 

Part Three

Florida python catchers
Two snake-catching experts of the Irula tribe from India travel to the Everglades to de-python-ify the place. 

Shot-up Lexus 
A car an Ontario teenager borrowed from her mother was shot up by police in Montreal. And now the mother wants the police to pay for the damage.