As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, January 5, 2017

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Part One

Military ombudsman
After four deaths from an apparent murder-suicide, Canada's military ombudsman calls on Ottawa to keep our soldiers in uniform until they can retire with the help that they need. 

Empathy doctor
A Chicago physician says she wouldn't be alive if it weren't for great medical care but her brush with death has inspired her to appeal to the people in her profession to exercise a little bit of empathy. 

House fire rescue 
A Quebec hydro worker saves a mother and her two girls from a burning house — just minutes before they would have perished. At the time, he says he was thinking of his own kids. 

Part Two

Peanut recommendations
A Vancouver doctor explains why he and he US colleagues are calling on parents to keep their kids safe from allergies by exposing them to the little legumes early on. 

Peltier release 
He helped put Leonard Peltier behind bars for killing two FBI agents, but now the American prosecutor says that after 40 years it's time for his President to grant clemency. 

Part Three

As it Happened: The Finnish Episode
The final instalment of our archival specials delves deep into As It Happens' coverage of all things Finnish — featuring: the head of Finland's sauna society, who explains why his compatriots do everything from delivering babies to bashing out poltical differences in tiny oven-hot wooden rooms. And a Finnish researcher reels through peculiar flavours of the beer they dredged from the bottom of the Baltic where it had been for 200 years.