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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, December 1, 2016

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Part One

Tennessee fire
It began with one ember and then he was driving for his life.  Michael Luciano says he had to rely on memory to keep on the road after fire engulfed his Tennessee town. 

Electoral reform
The Liberals say a committee was too quick to call for a referendum on the way we vote, but a Conservative member says the MPs have done their job and now it's the government's turn.

17th-century map
Someone gave the National Library of Scotland a filthy rag from inside a chimney. But after some serious sweeping, researchers realized they'd rescued a 17th-century map.

Part Two

Rachel Notley: pipelines
We ask Alberta Premier Rachel Notley how she plans to sell the Trans-Mountain Pipeline to her neighbours in BC and what all that oil will mean for her government's emissions cap.

Robbery jail sentence
When a Windsor man walked into a bank, he called it a robbery. But his lawyer tells us that he was really just trying to find somewhere to live, even if that's back behind bars. 

Part Three

Laval corruption
Laval's current mayor explains why his predecessor has agreed to plead guilty to a string of corruption charges today, and why he's also returning millions of dollars from an offshore account. 

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE): Ali Mustafa
Toronto freelance photographer Ali Mustafa was killed by a bomb dropped from a helicopter in Aleppo, Syria, in 2014. Tonight, in Toronto, Mr. Mustafa's photos will be on display at the annual Canadian Journalists for Free Expression gala. His family will accept an award in his honour. 

Chess commentator
The chess world championship comes down to an action-packed tie-breaker, and we ask a grandmaster what action-packed actually means in the so-called game of kings.