As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Part One

Trump "Rigged" Election
Donald Trump continues to claim the election is "rigged," by the media, by Hillary Clinton's campaign, by "Saturday Night Live" but the former chief counsel for the RNC says his claims are ridiculous.

Jesus Statue 
When vandals damage a statue of Jesus outside an Ontario church, a local artist generously steps in to replace its missing noggin but the new one doesn't quite match the heavenly body. 

Part Two

Pearl Wenjack
It's been fifty years since Charlie Wenjack froze to death trying to get home. Tonight, his sister Pearl Wenjack tells his story, and talks about two people who've brought that story back to light: Gord Downie and his brother Mike. 

Part Three

Calais Photos
When child refugees from the camp in Calais arrive in the U.K., they're accused of being adults.

Opioid Plant
The US Drug Enforcement Administration has reversed its decision to ban the chemicals in kratom, a plant which some believe helps people overcome opioid addictions. It's a relief for some researchers who say the ban would have made it difficult to study the plant. 

Quintuplet House
The former home of the world-famous Dionne quintuplets was once a museum but now that it's closed, the two surviving sisters are worried about its future.