As It Happens

As It Happens - Thursday Edition

Thursday, August 11th, 2016
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Part One

Strathroy terror
Aaron Driver's father says he's shocked and saddened, but has sympathy for authorities, after his radicalized son dies in a confrontation with police. 

Piltdown Man hoax 
Scientists use a combination of DNA and dentistry to identify the hoaxer behind one of paleoanthropology's most famous frauds — the "skull" of the Piltdown Man. 

Part Two

Rob Ford video: Doolittle
A Toronto judge lifts the publication ban on Rob Ford's infamous crack video. But one of the first people to report on the late mayor's drug use says there are secrets still to tell. 

Pokémon lawsuit
An Alberta woman launches a legal action against the company behind the Pokémon craze, after their app inspires too many players to go swiping at her window.