As It Happens

As It Happens - Thursday Edition

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Part One

Phoenix pay problems
The payroll system called Phoenix shows no signs of rising from the ashes, as thousands of federal employees experience problems with their cheques -- or get no cheques at all. 

Canadian weightlifter gold
In 2012, she won bronze -- but now that it turns out the medalists ahead of her were doping, Christine Girard may yet win the first-ever Canadian gold in weightlifting. 

Shipwreck cheeses
Three-hundred-and-forty years after it sank in a Swedish warship, a cheese has been discovered in the Baltic Sea -- and it's so putrid even Davy Jones doesn't want it in his locker. 

Part Two

Clinton ads: Bill Bogert
In 1964, a Republican actor starred in an ad, sharing his fears that the GOP had lost its way -- and in 2016, that same actor tells us how he ended up delivering that old message in a new commercial. 

Mannequin thefts
Someone is breaking into stores in Belleville, Ontario -- but instead of taking money, the thief is only stealing female mannequins.