As It Happens

As It Happens - Thursday Edition

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Part 1

After Jackie Healey was brutally beaten during a college work placement, her school begins its investigation into the attack. We'll check in with Ms. Healey who was left blind in one eye, and is recovering from a head injury.

Jared Yates Sexton went to a Trump rally in Greensboro, NC on Tuesday and was shocked by the level of ugliness expressed by the presumptive Republican nominee's supporters -- and the backlash he received after Tweeting about it.

An upscale restaurant in Delhi is found guilty of discrimination after refusing to serve a group of people that included street kids

Part 2

Balk in the park. The decision rename Montreal's Parc Vimy after separatist Premier Jacques Parizeau is being called everything from historical amnesia to anti-Canadian but the historian behind the move says its simply a way to honour one's neighbourhood's illustrious past.

Correcting an oversight. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says that the bill he introduced today to allow Parliamentarians to oversee Canada's national security operations undoes the most glaring gap in last year's controversial anti-terror legislation.

Part 3

Jen Scoular says there's been an increase in avocado theft because there's a shortage in New Zealand paired with increasing international demand for the fruit.

Deadly muse. British Painter John Keane explains the inspiration for his latest series of oil paintings on the 2002 Moscow Theatre attack that left at least 170 people dead, and transformed Russia forever.