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Pizzeria gains worldwide attention for pizza box pizza

So simple, it's genius. A pizza box made out of pizza. One Brooklyn pizzeria is making international headlines after photos of the pizza box made out of pizza went viral.
A pizzeria in Brooklyn has gained worldwide attention for inventing the pizza box pizza. (instagram/vinniesbrooklyn)

A small pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York, has made international headlines after one of it's owners created a pizza box that has zero waste, is fully biodegradable, and is so simple, people around the world wonder why we didn't think of this sooner— the pizza box is made from pizza.

"It's off the charts how crazy it has been the last two weeks," Dan Clayton, manager of Vinnie's Pizzaria, tells  As It Happens host Carol Off.

Clayton says the pizza box pizza is the brainchild of one of the owners, Sean Berthiaume. He claims the owner was looking outside his pizzeria and saw how many pizza boxes were littering the streets and being stuffed into nearby garbage cans.

"He wanted to see what he could come up with to try and reduce the waste — he came up with a pizza box to hold the pizza," says Clayton.

The idea has put the small pizzeria on the global map as images of the invention went viral on social media—something the restaurant is well versed in. Vinnie's social media accounts feature creative takes on all things pizza.

They had a special rainbow pizza to commemorate the US Supreme court decision declaring same sex marriage a nationwide right.

They also had a "Prince symbol" pizza to honor Prince after his sudden death.

The pizza box is made of dough stretched out in a pan, then it's smothered with sauce and cheese. The top of the box is described as garlic fingers and is served with dipping sauces. Inside the box goes a small pepperoni pizza.

"I like to eat the top first, kinda like an appetizer" jokes Clayton.

The pizza box pizza sells for $40. If you're worried about the pizza box getting dirty on a carry out order, the restaurant will wrap it in tinfoil for you.

To hear more, take a listen to our full interview.


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