As It Happens

As It Happens, Thursday Edition

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Part One

Oxfam: poultry workers

We already know the poultry industry can be inhumane to chickens -- but a new investigation reveals how cruel it can be to its human workers as well. 

Manitoba mother's allowance
The province of Manitoba gives $81 a month to pregnant women with low incomes -- and the outcome, according to a new study, is significantly healthier children. 

Philippines trans congresswoman 
The Philippines just elected a president who proudly calls himself a "dictator", but it also elected its first-ever transgender legislator -- and we'll speak with her tonight. 

Part Two

Bosma trial
After weeks of exhaustive testimony in the first-degree murder of an Ontario man, the court finally hears the shocking details of how Tim Bosma allegedly died. 

Edible pizza box
To solve the age-old problem of inedible pizza boxes, a Brooklyn pizzeria creates an edible pizza box -- which essentially places your pizza within a box-shaped pizza, and that's amore. 

Part Three

Brazil: Rousseff suspended
People are rejoicing at the suspension of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. After all, she's facing serious allegations of corruption. But our guest says this development is seriously bad news. 

Fort McMurray: Red Cross
The Red Cross has created a new policy for distributing donations in Fort McMurray. 

Ottawa jail birth 
Tonight, a public forum will address the conditions at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre. And our guest will have a few things to add to the conversation -- because four years ago, she gave birth there, in a segregated cell.