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Here's where we (try to) explain 'Aowaaowwoa*QowqQ*'

CBC's the fifth estate has launched an investigation to determine whether Chewbacca hacked the As It Happens Twitter account.
(Twitter/Star Wars/Walt Disney Studios)
First of all, we should say that everyone at As It Happens is fine. Badly shaken, and deeply troubled, but fine. 

Second, we still have no idea what happened. Were we hacked? Did we hack ourselves? If so, did we do it accidentally, with one of our butts? Did our Twitter account briefly achieve sentience and was it totally hammered when it did?

Here's what we know for sure: on Wednesday, at 9:23 p.m. precisely, @cbcasithappens issued four tweets.



Followed immediately by:

And finally, moments later, a climactic:
Now, we have considered the possibility that Jeff would pronounce those tweets incorrectly. So we ran them through an online text-to-speech translator.

First, in a British accent:
Aowaaowwoa*QowqQ* 0:01

And then, a Norwegian one:
Aowaaowwoa*QowqQ* 0:01

That helped a little, but not too much. More helpful were your theories and expressions of heartfelt concern on Twitter. 

Some people stayed remarkably calm during our baffling ordeal — even, bizarrely, appearing to make light of it.

And there were other jokes about our desperate situation.

Our gratitude to everyone who reached out to make sure we were alright and gratitude tinged with resentment to everyone who mocked our pain.

We're still investigating the mystery. Please share any theories with us, @cbcasithappens.

In the meantime, we'll do everything we can on our end — including running it through a Danish text-to-speech program: 

Aowaaowwoa*QowqQ* 0:02

The investigation continues. 


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