As It Happens

AS It Happens, Thursday Edition

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Part One

Karadzic sentence
After a five-year trial, Radovan Karadzic is sentenced to forty years in prison for genocide and other crimes committed during the war in Bosnia. 

Brussels update 
After the bombings in Brussels, there are concerns about the size of the country's jihadi population — and accusations that Belgian authorities failed to act on warnings.

Part Two

Ghomeshi: complainant and lawyer
After a dramatic trial, a judge finds former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi not guilty of sexual assault and choking. A lawyer takes us through the judge's decision — and one of the three complainants tells us why she has no regrets. 

Great Barrier Reef 
Sections of the Great Barrier Reef have gone white, due to a process called "coral bleaching". If that sounds bad, it is — and a researcher tells us what she's doing to save the world's coral.

Part Three

South Africa exhumations
We speak to the cousin of a South African Apartheid era activist who was executed in 1987. Now his family is finally getting the chance to give him a proper burial. 

King Arthur site
Historians in the UK say plans to add King Arthur-themed attractions to a medieval castle will be more Disney-fied than bona fide. 

Funeral mistake
A New York man finds out his mother's body was mistaken for another woman's, laid out at the wrong funeral, then cremated against the family's wishes.