As It Happens

AS It Happens, Thursday Edition

Thursday, March 17th, 2016
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Part One

Quebec corruption
An hour before sunrise, Quebec's anti-corruption squad arrests seven people — including the province's former deputy premier. 

Botched execution
Seven years ago, the state of Ohio tried and failed to execute a Death Row prisoner — but now, the state's Supreme Court says it can try again.     

Shipwreck find
An archaeologist tells us what he and his colleagues have found in the wreckage of a ship they believe belonged to Vasco da Gama. 

Part Two

Brazil latest
Brazil's national motto is "order and progress". Today, neither is anywhere to be found — as a corruption scandal, political upheaval, and furious protests leave the country in chaos. 

Stork study  
When you look at a dump, you see piles of rotting food waste — but white storks in Europe see an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord so appealing that they've stopped migrating south. 

Part Three

Manitoba domestic violence bill
Decades after her mother lost her job because she was busy fleeing an abusive home, a Manitoba woman celebrates a law protecting others from that fate.

SeaWorld breeding
SeaWorld has succumbed to pressure — and announced it's shutting down its controversial orca-breeding program. 

Ice breaker price
Ottawa says it won't respond to Davie Shipyard's unsolicited icebreaker offer, but the company's boss Alex Vicefield warns that without their help Canada could find itself stuck in the ice.