As It Happens

AS It Happens, Thursday Edition

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

Part One

Assisted dying recommendations
A new report paves the way for Canadians to choose doctor-assisted death -- and tonight, we'll find out what a parliamentary committee has recommended. 

Ontario free tuition
As part of the new provincial budget, Ontario offers free tuition to students from low-income families. 

BC dog fights
Dogs are turning up dead in Fort St. John, BC, and owners say they're being used in dog fights. 

Part Two

L.A. homeless housing
The city of Los Angeles starts seizing tiny houses, claiming they're dangerous -- which infuriates the man who built and donated them in the first place. 

Tech writer hackers
Tech journalist Kevin Roose invites hackers to mess with his life -- and they turn his laptop into a portable HAL.

Telemarketer robot
We interrupt your dinner to explain how one man can help you prevent telemarketers from interrupting your dinner. 

Part Three

Greece refugee camp
Greece angrily recalls its ambassador to Austria, as EU countries argue over refugees -- but the diplomatic blockage is nothing compared to the one the refugees themselves are experiencing. 

Target play
The rise and fall of Target stores in Canada -- well, the fall, anyway -- inspires an Ontario playwright to create a drama about the corporate collapse. 

California foster kids lawsuit
A lawsuit filed in a California court alleges three young women living in foster care were denied access to contraceptives and punished for seeking reproductive health services.