As It Happens

AS It Happens, Thursday Edition

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Part One

Nunavik jails
Quebec's ombudsman says jails in the Nunavik region are unacceptably filthy and overcrowded — and that Inuit inmates are woefully mistreated. 

Dolphin selfies
When a small dolphin washes up on a beach in Argentina, oblivious people pick it up and start taking pictures, instead of returning it to the water — killing it in the process. 

CanLit generator
  At the click of a mouse, the satirical website "CanLit Premise Generator" produces possible plots for Canadian novels — full of absent parents, dog sleds, bad weather, and Gordie Howe. 

Part Two

Bombardier: Reguly
The Canadian aerospace company Bombardier gets a big order from Air Canada — but according to our guest, it shouldn't get any more dough until it gets rid of its terrible management.

Bee detective
Most of the time, California detective Jay Freeman investigates the usual crimes — but, at this time of year, he's dedicated to cracking cases of beehive heists. 

Part Three

EU buffer zone
A European migration expert says a possible "buffer zone" on the border between Syria and Turkey represents the best of all the terrible options left for Syrians seeking safety from war.

Saskatchewan homeless shelter
Lighthouse shelter is the only emergency shelter in North Battleford, Saskatchewan and the manager says it will likely have to close it's doors at the end of the month. 

'Muslim-free' gun range
A Muslim U.S. Army reservist shows up at an Oklahoma gun range that's declared itself "Muslim-free" — and despite his best intentions, things go as poorly as you'd expect.

Lush cosmetic smell
Residents near the Lush cosmetics factory in Toronto have a demand: stop making scents.