As It Happens

As It Happens, Thursday Edition

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Part One

Oregon latest
Harney County Judge Steve Grasty looks back at the tense negotiations that ended the stand-off in Oregon today — and looks forward to what's next for his beleaguered community. 

Basketball "status Indian"
Twenty-year-old Josiah Wilson is a "status Indian" — but he won't be allowed to play at an all-First Nations basketball tournament, because he doesn't have First Nations ancestry. 

Game of Thrones road
Maintenance workers in Northern Ireland have some scrubbing to do, after they slap a white line right down the middle of the Kingsroad — an unsuitably modern touch for the central path on the TV series Game of Thrones.

Part Two

Ghomeshi trial emails
A journalist asks how it's possible that the defence at the Jian Ghomeshi trial revealed thousands of messages sent between two complainants.

Christie drops out
New Jersey governor Chris Christie drops out of the presidential race. We speak with a longtime Christie watcher about what went wrong.  

Part Three

Marlene Carter rally
Ontario officials say Marlene Carter is a danger to herself. But the mentally ill indigenous woman's spiritual advisor says the system is a danger to her. He's calling for an end to her solitary confinement.

RCMP rescue
In the middle of supper, two BC teenagers charge out into the chill to save an RCMP officer who crashed his car. 

Sexual harassment journalist
A journalist in Iran says she is a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace and she now faces major backlash for speaking out about what happened to her.