As It Happens

As It Happens, Thursday Edition

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Part One

Marina Litvinenko
Marina Litvinenko talks about a report from a British judge on the death of her husband, Alexander Litvinenko, which states what she's claimed all along: that he was assassinated, most likely on Vladimir Putin's orders. 

Litvinenko: Russia
A reporter with a state-run Russian news service finds the judge's findings wholly unfounded — and insists the report fails to establish convincing links between the murder and the Kremlin. 

Alabama TB test
Mistrust of local authorities in a community in Alabama has led to an outbreak of tuberculosis — so the government has resorted to desperate measures to get people tested. 

Part Two

Iraq update
News that Canada's Kurdish allies are destroying Arab homes in Iraq raises questions about our military's responsibilities — and we'll ask a former Canadian commander some of those questions tonight. 

Swedish snow penis 
After erasing one gigantic phallus drawn in the snow, a Swedish man feels bad — so he creates one so big it can only be properly seen from the air. 

Part Three

Oregon militia
Our guest works in the Oregon wildlife refuge currently being occupied by the makeshift militia — and he's disgusted by what they're doing to the park. 

Newfoundland fire resignations
After a female volunteer firefighter in Newfoundland alleges sexual harassment at the hands of her colleagues, 16 of her male co-workers resign en masse.

Red River sewage 
Five million litres of raw sewage were dumped into Winnipeg's Red River and the city had no idea until our guest flagged the stinking problem.