As It Happens

As It Happens Thursday Edition

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Part One

Madaya malnutrition
A Syrian doctor describes the appalling conditions in the city of Madaya -- where thousands of people are starving to death, amid an ongoing blockade by pro-government forces. 

Oregon Native tribe
Oregon's Burns Paiute tribe has a simple lesson for the armed militants who've seized U.S. government buildings for their cause: that land you're occupying was originally ours. 

No sperm invention
A German carpenter turns the tide with his new invention: an implant that allows you to turn off your sperm flow with the simple flick of a switch. 

Part Two

Saskatoon drunk driver
A family of four, including two young children, is killed in a collision in Saskatchewan -- in a province where the rate of drunk driving is twice the national average. 

Sandra Bland family
The white Texas officer who arrested Sandra Bland is charged with perjury -- but her mother tells us that's nowhere near justice for the death of her daughter. 

Part Three

Concussion driver
When Derek Lyons got in a car accident over a year ago, it looked like a DUI. But then the judge learned that Mr. Lyons had been a hockey player -- and that he'd suffered from multiple concussions. 

Alabama gay marriage
An Alabama judge says he'll continue to process marriage licenses for everyone -- even though the state's chief justice has ordered him and his colleagues to withhold them from same-sex couples. 

Orchid painter
A Hamilton psychiatrist takes up oil painting as part of her post car-accident therapy and ends up having her first piece displayed at The Louvre in Paris.