As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, November 12th 2015
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Part One

Israeli hospital shooting
Heavily armed Israeli soldiers enter a West Bank hospital in disguise -- before arresting a suspect in his hospital bed, and killing another man.  

Manitoba domestic violence
Camille Runke called the police about her ex-husband. Twenty-two times. But all those calls and a protection order didn't save her -- and now, her sister wants new measures to help victims of domestic violence. 

Concordia asbestos report
After Concordia University issues a report that says asbestos can be handled safely, critics are horrified -- both by its subject matter, and by its author's apparent conflict of interest. 

Part Two

Nepal earthquake follow-up
Hundreds of thousands of people are still homeless in Nepal after the earthquake in April -- and their current shelters are no match for the country's punishing winter. 

Hans Island timeshare
For decades, Canada and Denmark have been fussing and fighting over which owns a tiny barren Arctic island -- and now, experts suggest they go 50-50.

Part Three

Amnesty China torture
Amnesty International finds disturbing evidence of torture -- including the use of electric batons and spiked rods -- during interrogations in China. 

Newfoundland dog kidnapping
When he set out to steal a big dog in Newfoundland, he didn't plan on a small dog acting as an alarm. And he certainly didn't plan for the owner of both dogs to punch him in the face. But she did -- and she tells us about it.

Turkish festival
After their government moves to block a Turkish town's liquor festival, the locals rebrand it as a 5 a.m celebration of liver and turnip juice.