As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, October 8th 2015
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Part One

PMO refugee delays
The revelation that the Prime Minister's Office insisted on reviewing the files of Syrian refugees raises all kinds of baffling questions -- none of which has yet been answered. 

Racial profiling
A black New Brunswick woman wins a racial profiling case, after an ordinary stop at a Shoppers Drug Mart ends with an employee going through her bag. 

Paper plate restaurant
Because of the drought, a California city orders restaurants to use disposable utensils and plates -- and restaurateurs have gravy misgivings. 
Part Two

Tom Mulcair 
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair talks about his efforts to talk coalition with Justin Trudeau -- which were quashed -- and his ongoing criticism of the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- which he would quash. 

Part Three

Rehteah Parsons review
Rehtaeh Parsons' parents have always maintained that the justice system botched their daughter's case. Now, an independent investigator has reviewed that case -- and he'll share his conclusions. 

Be the Vote
An organization manages to convince Elections Canada to explain to voters that they don't necessarily need to register in advance. 

Vancouver Real Estate: tax lawyer
In Vancouver, real estate got surreal a long time ago. And while the province has announced it's going to close a loophole that allows foreign buyers to avoid paying property taxes, our guest says that won't solve the larger problem. 

Norwegian journalist fired
According to Norway's public broadcaster, Russia's security agency pressured Norwegian officals to shut down a news site for its critical coverage of Russia. And shortly after, the website's editor was sacked.