As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, September 3rd 2015
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Part One

Refugee deaths: NDP
You've seen his picture. The story of the Syrian boy who drowned, along with his brother and mother, brings the gravity of the refugee crisis home to Canadians. 

Yaphet Kotto on Bond "too street"
After a kerfuffle over the possible casting of a black actor as James Bond, actor Yaphet Kotto -- the first black Bond villain -- tells us why he believes 007 should always be white. 

Part Two

Hungarian train follow-up
In Budapest, hundreds of stranded refugees are finally allowed to board a train they thought was bound for Germany -- only to be ordered out before even leaving Hungary. 

Candidate citizens arrest
A Yukon woman explains her surprise at being handcuffed and put under citizen's arrest for vandalizing a candidate's signs -- by the candidate himself.

Manitoba families minister
Manitoba's Minister of Family Services explains why the agency is seizing such a shocking number of newborns from their families -- an average of one a day.