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'MacHarper' duels 'MacDuffy': Ches Crosbie rehearses the Shakespeare skit that may have cost him his candidacy

Ches Crosbie and actor Paul Wilson rehearse their McHarper vs McDuffy Shakespeare skit.
Ches Crosbie (centre) in Shakespearean garb performing his send-up in April. (cpimages / Melissa Royle / cpimages)

On Canada Day, John Crosbie told As It Happens he was 'astonished & insulted' that Conservative Party brass rejected his son as a candidate in Avalon, Newfoundland. The former P-C cabinet minister and lieutenant-governor of the province, thought the party was not happy with his son's attempt at being a thespian.

Let us explain. 

Back in April, Ches Crosbie and other lawyers tackled Shakespeare in a fundraiser at the Bella Vista club in St. John's. In one scene, Ches Crosbie plays MacHarper duelling MacDuffy. It included a jibe at Stephen Harper's former chief of staff - Nigel Wright.

Well, as luck would have it, actor Paul Wilson and Ches rehearsed that very scene. And CBC's St. John's Morning show aired a clip. We've got the tape...take a listen.