As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Part One

Afghan mob killers spared
When four men were sentenced to death for the brutal mob killing of a woman in Afghanistan, justice was surprisingly transparent -- but now, those sentences have been quashed, by a closed court. 

F-35 dog fight memo
The F-35 is taking forever to deliver, and its cost has gone through the roof -- but it turns out its biggest problem may be that it's just a really lousy fighter jet. 

Dine & dash case
A Cleveland restaurant owner puts an end to a dine-and-dash spree by two hungry outlaws -- and all it took was Facebook. 

Part Two

BP settlement
BP finally agrees to pay nearly nineteen billion dollars for damage from the 2010 oil spill -- but our guest, a Louisiana shrimper, isn't hopeful it will help him. 

Writers' Trust reading
An 18-year-old filmmaker wins a twenty-five thousand dollar non-fiction prize for an essay in which she imagines her life as a movie.