As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Part One

Nebraska vote
Independent Nebraska senator Ernie Chambers has fought for forty years to abolish the death penalty in his state -- and yesterday, despite the governor's veto, he succeeded.

Low-income solar
A new initiative in California is outfitting residents in disadvantaged neighbourhoods with solar panels.

Woman kicked off plane for crying baby
A Canadian singer is stunned when she and her twenty-three-month-old son are booted from a United Airlines plane -- because he was crying. 

Part Two

Anti-nuclear nun
Sister Megan Rice has just been released from prison, where she was sent for vandalizing a Tennessee nuclear plant -- and her belief in the anti-nuclear cause is undimmed.

Jiggs dinner follow-up
A group of desperate Newfoundlanders in Alberta will get the Jiggs dinner they requested through an ad -- courtesy of a generous chef from back home. 

Part Three

Human mummy leg
They didn't put all their legs in one basket. Instead, researchers used different methods to test ancient mummification methods on two disembodied gams. 

FIFA arrests follow-up
Today, FIFA chairman Sepp Blatter was positively sunny, at the launch of the soccer body's international conference. But things are looking pretty dark for the organization -- and our guest reflects on what should happen next.

Wasps vs. ants
Australia sets out to fix its "crazy ant" problem with a plague of micro-wasps. So we find out how Australia plans to fix its future micro-wasp problem.