As It Happens

As it Happens: Thursday Edition

As It Happens: February 26, 2015

Part One

Justin Trudeau
Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau tells us why the death of his father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, informs his support of physician-assisted suicide. 

Bionic eye recipient
It's been ten years since a Minnesota man last saw his wife, even though they live together -- and now, thanks to technology, she's once again the apple of his eye.

Part Two

Venezuela unrest
Despite aggressive measures taken by the government of Venezuela, protests continue to grow, and tension continues to mount. 

Bruce Sinofsky obit
The documentaries of Bruce Sinofsky and Joe Berlinger helped free the West Memphis Three -- and tonight, Mr. Berlinger remembers his late collaborator and friend.

Part Three

Xavier Rathan-Mayes
In basketball, a thirty-point game is an achievement. Thirty points in the last five minutes, though -- that's a whole other level. Canadian Xavier Rathan-Mayes managed that nearly impossible feat last night. It's a can't-miss conversation.

Baltimore buses
After Baltimore officials say a mobile app to track city buses would cost too much, "civic hackers" -- and a Canadian company -- make more than a token effort to provide one. 

Fern sex
Despite being separated by sixty million years of evolution, two different species of fern from two wildly different habitats -- who love each other very much -- manage to produce offspring.