As It Happens

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

April 13, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Ukraine chemical weapons
A Ukrainian battalion in Mariupol says Russia appears to have launched a chemical attack on its soldiers. But our guest says the act in question is still very much in question. 

Inflation family worries
The Bank of Canada says it's jacking up lending rates to take the bite out of inflation, but a bed and breakfast owner in PEI says the last thing she needs are pricier mortgage payments. 

Edward Burtynsky award
Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky explains why he's sharing his latest award with the Ukrainian photographers risking their lives to show the world the horrors of war. 

Part Two 

NATO membership Finland
For decades, Finland has resisted joining NATO — but Russia's invasion of Ukraine changed all that. And now, Finland's former prime minister tells us being part of the military alliance is worth it. 

Manitoba storm
The director of a health centre in rural Manitoba tells us she'll continue sleeping at the hospital until an ongoing blizzard no longer threatens her community. 

Part Three

School mask mandates
An Ottawa school board is defying provincial rule changes by telling students to keep their masks on — at least for now. Stay tuned. 

Quebec flagpole woodpecker 
A Quebec town's iconic flag is in jeopardy after a hungry woodpecker went to town on its massive pole. And our guest says he's amazed at the damage one bird can do.