As It Happens

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

March 30, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Former Russian Lawmaker 
A former member of Russian parliament is taking his anti-Putin politics to another level by taking up arms in defence of Ukraine. 

Ontario Housing Plan 
Yes in my backyard. A self-professed YIMBY in Toronto tells us Ontario's new housing plan falls far short of what's needed to avoid having cities like theirs turn into enclaves for the rich. 

BC Realty Cooling Off 
Interior motives. B.C. has also introduced new legislation designed to help prospective homebuyers. But our guest says it wouldn't have saved him from breaking his budget, even in a market like Kamloops. 

Eric Church Cancels
Personal foul. Country superstar Eric Church cancels a concert, with just four days' notice to watch a big college basketball game -- and the move has been generating a lot of hoop-la. 

Part Two

SF Activist Evicted 
Fighting spirit. A fixture of San Francisco's gay rights movement tells us he's being pushed out of his apartment in the city's iconic Castro district -- but he's putting his convictions against a possible eviction. 

Scotland Remote Pub 
community spirits. We'll hear from a member of the local society that just purchased the most remote pub on Britain's mainland, and can't wait to pull the first pint after some essential renovations. 

Part Three

Hong Kong Supreme Court
Judged wanting. Canada's former chief justice Beverley McLachlin is under pressure to quit Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeals, after two top UK justices submitted their resignations. 

NL Health Hack
Does not compute. Newfoundland and Labrador's opposition leader says it's time the government owned up to its failures after a massive cyberattack on the province's health system last year.