As It Happens

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

Feb. 16, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Ottawa Towing Companies 
The president of the Ontario towing association says that if the government thinks the Emergencies Act will force tow truck drivers to remove the big rigs in downtown Ottawa, it better think again. 

Carol's Quiz 
Carol, you better collect yourself to recollect yourself. We'll test your claim that you remembers every one of your interviews once again -- by travelling even further back into our cobwebby, cavernous archives. 

Part Two

HIV Stem Treatment
No longer a silent treatment. After a stem cell transplant cures a third patient of HIV, the lead researcher explains why and how it worked -- and what it could mean in the future. 

Ukraine Canada Weapons
Strong arm tactics. After the Trudeau government announces it's sending weapons to help Ukraine face down Russia's troops, our guest asks why Canada seems to have abandoned the diplomatic path.

Part Three

Afghan Translator
Making good his escape. Qais Hassan Zada and his family were living in fear that they'd face retribution from the Taliban for his work with the Canadian mission in Afghanistan -- but tonight, he'll speak to us from the safety of their new home in Vancouver. 

Ukrainian Graphic Novelist
Panel discussion. A Ukrainian writer explains why this was a good time for him to release a graphic-novel version of one of his country's folk tales. And why one of the central characters resembles Vladimir Putin -- despite being a pea.