As It Happens

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

Nov. 10, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

COP26: Draft deal
The first draft of the COP26 climate agreement is out — and our guest says it needs a lot of work if the world's most vulnerable nations are going to stay afloat.

Utah ghost town dig
In the dunes of a Utah ghost town, archeologists recover the remnants of a home once occupied by Chinese rail workers — and help unlock a neglected history. 

Oldest Appalachian Trail hiker
We'll talk to the 83-year old who's just become the oldest man to hike all 3-thousand 5-hundred kilometres of the Appalachian Trail.

Part Two

Moderna US patent fight
A dispute between Moderna and the U.S. government over who invented a key component in a COVID-19 vaccine is less about bragging rights — and more about profits and control.

Raymond Rougeau mayor
Former pro wrestling villain Raymond Rougeau wins the mayoral race in a small Quebec town — and while he appreciates the political cheers, he says there was something special about wrestling fans' jeers.

Part Three

Auto industry whistleblower
Five years ago, an engineer at Hyundai blew the whistle on a serious flaw in one of its engines. Now, for the first time ever  a U.S. regulator has given him a multi-million dollar award for speaking out.

Malawi albinism politician 
We reach the first person with albinism to be sworn into parliament in Malawi — where people with albinism are subject to violent attacks.