As It Happens

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

Oct. 13, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Iqaluit water emergency
Iqaluit's water system was already in crisis — but now that the water has been contaminated by fuel, one Inuk city councillor tells us it is now a full-blown emergency.

Alberta wild pigs found
Invasive, shockingly rugged wild pigs have been spotted for the first time in an Alberta national park, and one wildlife biologist tells us he's not surprised — but he is concerned.

Jeopardy! win streak
After winning 38 consecutive games, Matt Amodio finally lost on Jeopardy! on Monday; tonight, we're hoping he'll answer our questions in the form of answers. 

Part Two

Border community reactions
The owner of the only grocery store in a small Washington border community says she's cautiously optimistic about the news that her country will ease travel restrictions for her Canadian customers. 

Blue Origin critics
William Shatner was thrilled to fly to space on Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin today — but one Trekkie says riding on a billionaire's rocket doesn't do much for the galaxy.

Part Three

Inuit Métis land claims
The nonprofit representing Inuit in Canada says a smaller group purporting to do the same in southern Labrador is actually undermining Inuit-Crown relations — and the Prime Minister needs to stop negotiating with them. 

Nova Scotia doctor shortage 
Tens of thousands of Nova Scotians are in need of family doctors — and one patient tells us that means excruciating delays in emergency rooms, just to get prescriptions filled.