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As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

Aug. 4, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Andre De Grasse's mom
It was "the most amazing moment" of her life to watch her son take gold in the 200 metres. But Beverley De Grasse also tells us how much she worries about the pressure that comes with it.

Ontario Moderna doses
Ontario pharmacists are worried that thousands of doses of Moderna are going to be thrown out — because demand for the shot is drying up.

Largest mouth gape
A Connecticut woman who used to be self-conscious about her unusually large mouth is learning to celebrate it, now that she officially has the largest mouth opening in the world.

Part Two

Beirut blast anniversary
Thousands in Beirut marched to the site of the explosion one year ago today that killed hundreds and injured thousands — to mourn and to call for justice.

Plant that never dies 
Researchers have uncovered new secrets about how a plant in the world's oldest desert can live for thousands of years.