As It Happens

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

June 16, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Mumilaaq Qaqqaq
An NDP MP from Nunavut says goodbye, and good riddance, to Ottawa -- explaining how unwelcome she was made to feel as an Inuit woman in the House of Commons. 

Putin Biden Meeting
Hand-shake agreement; disagreement on everything else. Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin meet and greet, but the tete-a-tete doesn't appear to have resulted in any changes of heart.

Maori Antarctica Study
Ahead by 13 centuries. Researchers in New Zealand find evidence that the Antarctic waters were explored by Indigenous groups long before bearded dudes from Europe showed up on the scene. 

Part Two

Edmonton Mosque Vandalism
An Edmonton mosque is in shock after a swastika is discovered spray-painted on a wall; and the mosque president tells us hate has no place in Canada.

Arizona Hot Pavement Burns
Scorching-earth policy. Doctors in Arizona are warning residents to tread carefully, because a heatwave has turned the pavement into a searing surface that can inflict serious burns.

Part Three

Oldest DJ Retires
One last spin. After more than 70 years serving up the platters that matter, the world's oldest radio DJ hanging up his headphones.