As It Happens

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

June 9, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

London Folo: PC Candidate
After Sunday's deadly attack on a Muslim family, a former political candidate speaks out against the racism he heard while campaigning in London, Ontario -- and shares his remorse at not speaking out earlier. 

London Muslim Leader
Actions would speak louder than their words. Political leaders are condemning Islamophobia -- but the organizer of last night's vigil in London says her community deserves more than lip-service.

Scholarship Giveaway
Moments after a high school grad in Massachusetts learns she's earned a huge scholarship, she makes an impromptu return to the graduation stage to give it away.

Part Two

Minister Carolyn Bennett
Her government has settled a class-action lawsuit with survivors who attended residential schools as day students -- but the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations says the prime minister still isn't ready to apologize for what they endured. 

FBI Burner Phones
Additional charges may apply. Criminals around the world entrusted their secrets to a messaging app that was billed as "Ultra-Secure" -- but the app was run by the FBI, who've now made hundreds of arrests. 

Part Three

Squamish Gondola Opens
After two serious acts of sabotage, we hear how the Squamish B-C's Sea to Sky Gondola is ready to re-open thanks to a peak-performance security system.

Norway Whale Tests 
Sound and fury. Defence researchers in Norway say they're subjecting local minke whales to a series of acoustic experiments for their own good. But our guest won't hear of it.