As It Happens

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

June 2, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Manitoba Residential School Burials 
A woman whose family members died at a Brandon, Manitoba, residential school says it's time for the city to buy back the land where they're buried. 

Hawaii Ghostnet Garbage
They damage sensitive ecosystems, and pile up on the shores of Hawaii -- and now, researchers are hoping to untangle the mystery of where tonnes of abandoned fishing nets are coming from. 

Ceramic Curse Pot
Hex marks the pot. A classics professor thinks she's figured out what a two-thousand year-old pot found a decade ago in Greece was actually used for -- to curse people.  

Part Two

Echaquan Inquiry
"Never again." A Quebec coroner promises a genuinely probing report on the mistreatment and death of an Indigenous woman -- but our guest says words alone won't root out the racism in Quebec's health care system.  

Manitoba Prince Edward Island Move Story
Barking up a lot of wrong trees. After an accident in the middle of a cross-country drive, an Alberta woman's dog ran off into the Manitoba wilderness -- and it took three weeks of searching before she was back to sit and stay. 

Part Three

Congo Water 
Aid groups in Democratic Republic of Congo say the country is in desperate need of clean water and that the humanitarian crisis is now affecting half a million people.

Hurricane Drone
We'll hear about a company that's creating sailing drones they plan to steer into the paths of hurricanes.