As It Happens

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

Feb. 24, 2021

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Part One

Ontario Vaccine Wait: Hillier
As Alberta opens the phone lines for anyone over 75 to book their COVID shots, we ask the Chair of Ontario's vaccine task force why that province's octogenarians are still on hold. 

Ontario Mafia Charges Dropped 
Ontario's biggest-ever mafia investigation goes bust after the defence learns police were tapping solicitor-client phone calls.

Alaska Photos found
Moving pictures. The mid-century photos from Alaska our guest found at a flea market meant a lot to her -- but they wound up meaning a great deal more to the people in the photos.

Part Two

Tiny Shelters Follow
Any fort in a storm. Toronto calls tiny shelters for people without homes "illegal dumping" -- but a former resident of one of the makeshift structures says hers was a lifeline, and the city should leave them be. 

Ottawa Student Turkey 
Trial is error. An Ottawa PhD student has a court date in Turkey, five months after he was arrested in Ankara. His partner tells us the charges of "inciting terrorism" are absurd -- and that Canada needs to step in.

Part Three

Europe's Patient 1 Doctor
Uncharted territory. An Italian doctor looks back one year, when she became the first in Europe to diagnose a patient infected by the coronavirus.

Belleville Big Puzzle 
Conversation pieces. 40-thousand 320 of them, to be exact. We hear from a woman who just completed one of the world's largest commercially available puzzles in what she says was record time. 

Atwood Songs
Based on a true story. A Canadian opera singer turns his grief into music with Songs for Murdered Sisters ... written by Margaret Atwood ... based on the 2015 killing of his sister and two other women in the Ottawa Valley.