As It Happens

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

Sept. 16, 2020


Part One

Jerry Brown fires
Former California governor Jerry Brown tells us the fires his state is experiencing are the direct result of inaction on climate change — and that Canada should get ready for a wave of climate refugees.

Winnipeg winter restaurants
As restaurant owners wonder how to get through the winter, one restaurateur hopes his customers will warm to the idea of all-season patios — in Winnipeg.

Orca attacks
A sailor whose boat was encircled and then attacked by orcas off the coast of Spain describes their seemingly co-ordinated assault — and the eerie noises that came with it.

Part Two

737 Max report
Our guest lost his wife, his kids, and his mother-in-law in crash of a Boeing 737 Max. Now, a new report from the U-S Congress is giving the Toronto man hope that their deaths could help change the airline industry.

Hip hop auction
Veteran video director "'Uncle Ralph" McDaniels describes last night's auction in New York — where, among other storied items from hip-hop history, The Notorious B.I.G.'s plastic crown was on the block.

Part Three

Caribou extinct
One of four caribou herds in Jasper National Park has become locally extinct — and other herds are shrinking, too. We reach a conservationist who says it's time for drastic measures.

UN Venezuela report
A UN-backed mission says it has evidence that the Venezuelan government has committed crimes against humanity — and no cries of bias from Maduro can change the facts.

Cormorant cull 
An Ontario man spends a day in a tree, to protect a group of unpopular cormorants from a provincial hunt that he says could threaten their future in the province.