As It Happens

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

July 8, 2020


Part One

Montreal Street Checks
Montreal police announce new rules for street checks, which have disproportionately targeted people of colour. One of the activists who pushed for the change tells us it's not enough.

Fiscal Update
The federal finance minister says the coronavirus has the government heaping up more than a trillion dollars in debt. But former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page says the real problem is what comes next. 

Canmore CPR
His heart was in the right place -- twice. A cardiologist intervenes to save a man, after his heart stops on a Canmore hiking trail and then operates on him, days later.

Part Two

Basic Income Senator
Ottawa is projecting a huge deficit -- more than 300 billion dollars. Senator Yuen Pau Woo says that's all the more reason the federal government should try out a basic income program, starting this fall.

Microplastics Study
Micro plastics are a major problem in the world's oceans. In Nova Scotia, a new study shows that a lot it is coming from one source: the fishing industry.