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As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

March 25, 2020
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Part One

Andrew Scheer
Conservative leader Andrew Scheer says the Trudeau government has his support in fighting the coronavirus but there are limits to what his party will allow.

Uninsured Americans
It was hard enough to get tested for coronavirus, let alone suffer from the disease. But there was one more blow when an uninsured Boston woman got a ginormous hospital bill.

From our archives: Cheetos artist
Who says Cheetos never prosper? Our daily trip into the As It Happens archives yields a 2014 interview with an artist who works exclusively in a medium that leaves his fingers bright orange. 

Part Two

U.S. stimulus package
The U.S. Senate's stimulus package contains a big chunk of aid for corporations. But one Democratic Senator tells us his party fought to make sure the money gets to people who need it.

Alberto Uderzo obit
The artist behind the classic 'Asterix and Obelix' cartoons had died. We reach one of his biggest fans — who's the author of a modern kids classic herself — who describes his masterful combination of action and warmth.

Part Three

COVID: rural doctor
A doctor in small-town Ontario is overwhelmed — by the challenge of fighting COVID-19 in her community and the power of human kindness in face of crisis. 

Tomas Kaberle delivers
He shoots, he scores, he delivers. As an NHL defenceman Tomas Kaberle delivered on the ice and now, he's delivering off the ice too — ferrying takeout orders from his wife's restaurant — surprising and delighting customers.

Dartmouth birthday party 
When a Nova Scotia boy's 7th birthday party was put on hold because of COVID-19 — his neighborhood rallied together to throw him one from their windows.