As It Happens

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

Jan. 9, 2019

Episode transcript

Part One

B.C. pipeline follow-up
As tensions continue over a B.C. natural gas pipeline, we'll hear why one First Nation has signed onto the project.

Canadian Ti-Anna Wang denied China entry
After years of trying, Ti-Anna Wang is granted a visa to visit her imprisoned father in China — but when her flight lands, she's told to leave the country immediately.  

New fatberg
In Devon, England, residents have created a monster in the sewers — a limbless, stinking pile of wet wipes and household goo known as a "fatberg". 

Part Two

Guatemala expels United Nations
Guatemala's president expels a UN-backed corruption commission, saying it's a risk to his country's sovereignty — but our guest says it's really a risk to him. 

Donation bin death
In Toronto, another person dies in a clothing donation bin — and the head of a women's shelter says we need to think about redesigning the bins, and why people are crawling in, in the first place. 

Part Three

Norway kidnapping
Today, a Norwegian journalist revealed that the wife of a wealthy businessman had been kidnapped months ago — and that she's being held for a crypto-currency ransom. He'll tell us the disturbing story of Anna-Elisabeth Hagen. 

Beaver deceivers
They're peeved about beavers. And councillors in a New Hampshire town perceive a reprieve, using what are called "beaver deceivers." But they're not naive: they know the state needs to appreve — sorry, that's "approve".