As It Happens

As It Happens: The Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2018

Episode transcript

Part One

Indonesia tsunami
Recovery workers are still uncovering bodies from last weekend's Indonesian tsunami. Now authorities warn that another torrent could be on its way. 

Japan whaling
Japan announces that it's resuming commercial whaling — leaving one opponent of the hunt asking how some hard-pressed species will surivive.

Encore: Radio reporter voice
We revisit the story of the radio reporter who suddenly lost his voice to a disease, but was back behind the mic thanks to a computer and a program using clips from his own broadcasts. 

Reading: The Skater
Canadian poet Charles G.D. Roberts laces on the blades and goes gliding way beyond the rink as Jeff reads that celebration of freedom on ice, 'The Skater'.

Part Two

AIH50: Weirdest stories
A collection of 'As It Happens'' oddities — featuring a musician who graduated from playing an instrument with his mouth to playing the instrument in his mouth; and a journey through the Iceland penis museum, that's looking to complete its collection with the help of a human donor. 

Reading: The Hockey Sweater
Our annual reading of a classic tale of winter knitwear gone wrong — Roch Carrier's story about his maman, Monsieur Eaton, and the greatest game on ice: The Hockey Sweater. 

Part Three

Encore: The As it Happened Archives - The Shakespeare Edition
Et tu, Covfefe?  50 years of Shakespeare through the eyes of AIH