As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

June 7, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One 

Brazilian disappearances
An Indigenous expert and a British journalist have disappeared in the Brazilian Amazon-- and a friend of the journalist tells us authorities in the country appear to be ignoring their plight. 

Alberta video game union
A small group of video game developers in Alberta has voted to unionize. And one employee tells us he hopes it's the beginning of a much bigger movement.

Newfoundland favourite sign auction
Fitz's Cold Beer was a St. John's landmark, until its founder's death last May. And now, John Fitzpatrick's daughter tells us the bottle shop's bright, beloved sign will live on, inside a local brewery. 

Part Two 

Mariupol cholera
Residents in Mariupol have already lived through the nightmare of Russian bombardment and occupation. Now the city's deputy mayor tells us it's facing a potential cholera outbreak. 

Olympic figure skating age
After a doping scandal rocked the last Winter Olympics, figure skating organizers are upping the minimum age to enter. And one former Olympian tells us it's good news for the sport -- and its fiercest competitors. 

Part Three

Feds pay system problems update
More than six years after the Phoenix Pay System began wreaking havoc with public servants' paycheques, a retired Canada Revenue Agency worker says the situation is as much a mess as ever. 

Australia grasshopper reproduction 
An Australian species of grasshoppers has done away with mating altogether, and is now made up of all-female clones. And our guest says the practice reveals a lot about whether sexual reproduction is really necessary.