As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

May 17, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Quebec coroner: LTC deaths
The daughter of a Quebec man who died in long-term care during the pandemic tells us a new coroner's report into his death, and dozens of others, confirms some of her family's worst fears. 

Cold case solved
A Tennessee woman takes an interest in a 40-year-old cold case -- and without hours of sitting down at her computer to investigate, makes a key discovery. 

Airport pricing tweeter
What's the deal with airport food? The deal is there are no deals, and the same is true of airport drinks -- but when one New York man tweeted his indignation about the price of beer, he had no idea authorities would redraft the rules about draft. 

Part Two 

UFO hearing
The U.S. Congress holds a public hearing on UFOs -- in what some see as an important step toward destigmatizing the subject, and making it seem significantly less alien. 

Part Three

Somalia election
After a long-awaited election marred with infighting, Somalia has finally elected a new president. And as she returns to Mogadishu, our guest has high hopes that this marks a new chapter in her homeland's story.

Pearl Jam kid drummer 
While his fellow high school seniors spent the weekend air-drumming to Pearl Jam, an 18-year-old California man played real drums for the real band in a real stadium.