As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

April 12, 2022

Episode Trancript

Part One

Zelensky advisor
An advisor to Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelensky tells us that, with peace talks stalled, his government is ready to keep fighting the Russians for as long as its Western allies keep it supplied. 

Carbon capture update
The Trudeau government bet big on carbon capture in last week's federal budget, but our guest says treating the tech like some kind of silver bullet is pure fantasy. 

Mississippi catfish record
A Mississippi angler tells us how he managed to catch a record-breaking catfish — and says it took special tackle to tackle the 131-pound creature. 

Part Two 

Warsaw refugee housing
Officials in Warsaw are repurposing a so-called "spy nest" once used by Russia to house Ukrainians taken in by Poland. And our guest says Canada can help too. 

India crane trios
A researcher finally publishes a paper a phenomenon he first observed back in 1999: that of three cranes who seem to be co-habitating. And while they're usually seen in pairs, they must have added an au pair. 

Part Three

Oregon lighthouse for sale
The entrepreneur responsible for converting a remote Oregon lighthouse into a storage place for human ashes is hoping to entice a new owner to carry on her vision. 

Around Denmark paddle-boarding 
A Danish athlete known as Casper "The Viking" Steinfath is hoping to add a new world record to his resume — by stand-up paddle-boarding around the entirety of Denmark.