As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

March 29, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Climate emissions: Sophia Mathur
A teenage climate activist says she hopes Ottawa's new climate action plan means the adults are stepping up to take on the fight — so she can go back to being a kid.

Climate emissions: Jonathan Wilkinson
They aim to please. But so far, the federal government has failed to hit Canada's climate targets — and after years of government shortfall, we'll ask the minister of Natural Resources why we should trust him. 

Ukraine/Russia talks
As Russian and Ukrainian representatives discuss the possibility of peace, a political analyst in Kyiv tells us she's afraid her government might be giving up too much. 

Part Two 

Kherson escape
A father who escaped the occupied Ukrainian city of Kherson with his family says he can't leave the memories of their flight behind. 

Fredericton safe opened
The staff at a Fredericton theatre discovered an old safe, embedded in concrete, during renovations — but their efforts to unearth its contents proved to be more comedy than drama. 

Part Three

Shark on roof
A shark sculpture protruding from a suburban English home has attracted attention for decades. But the son of its co-creator says a move to give it heritage status goes against his dad's original intent. 

A British birder tells us it's been a banner year for bitterns, a low-voiced species whose finest male specimen he describes as the Barry White of birds. 

AI bridge player wins 
While we're still figuring out whether to pass or bid on the first hand, a sophisticated piece of French artificial intelligence is making its human bridge competitors look like dummies. Stay tuned.